Rhinos, pigs & moths

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Since painting my first Wild in Art sculpture, a dragon for GoGoDragons! here in Norwich last summer; I have rediscovered the joys of painting and actually putting paint to canvas. All the more fun being three dimensional & animal shaped! Over the past few months I have submitted ideas for a few more trails. I was delighted when my design was chosen for Paignton zoo’s Great Big Rhinos project. My rhino was completed back in December, and is now back home in Devon awaiting his big reveal later this year. I’d like to thank Torre Abbey for sponsoring my design and I’d also like Torbay Clearance Services for such a smooth & friendly delivery service.

I have recently found out that I will be having three more sculptures heading my way to be decorated; two moths & a pig. The moths will be part of the Amy Johnson Festival taking place in Hull this year.


“2016 is the 75th anniversary of the death of Amy Johnson, Hull’s flying heroine. Born in Hull in 1903, Amy Johnson CBE was one of the most influential and inspirational women of the twentieth century. She was the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia and set a string of other records throughout her career.”

The brief for this project really appealed to me for many reasons, not only do I love the design from this era but I also have an interest in science & engineering (the work I did for my illustration degree show was all based on scientific themes). My two designs are very different. I have taken inspiration from Art Deco design, particularly lighting and furniture for one. I will be using pearlescent paints and gold leaf to create a rich, opulent effect. The second design is a contemporary take on travel posters from the 1930s, using bright colours & geometric shapes to produce a simple, bold design.


The pig I will be painting will be part of the Pigs Gone Wild sculpture trail coming to Ipswich this summer.


“St Elizabeth Hospice has teamed up with Wild in Art to stage Suffolk’s biggest ever mass-participation, public art event – Pigs Gone Wild. The interactive sculpture trail will feature more than 40 pigs across Ipswich and beyond. During summer 2016 you will be able to follow the trail, collect points with our Pigs Gone Wild app and to try to see as many of the sculptures as possible.”

My pig design was my favourite submission so I am thrilled that it’s been sponsored and I will have the opportunity to realise it. I can’t say too much about the theme at this stage as it’s all very top secret. However the idea came to me on the Harwich Hoek ferry back in October and ties in with my dutch connections.

I have a busy few weeks ahead. It’s going to be a bit of a squeeze in my garage, but I’m really looking forward to getting started on these. Watch this space for updates on progress.




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