Vintage inspired posters

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I have a real love of vintage poster design from the first half of the 20th century and wanted to create a series of illustrations inspired by these. In this post I thought I would give a brief insight as to how I work.

Here are just two of the many posters that have given me inspiration.

Below you can see my finished designs along with few thumbnail sketches. I don't tend to spend too long sketching before jumping straight on to the computer. I brainstorm initial concepts and ideas and then work on details of design, layout and colour in illustrator as it is easier to move elements around and play with colour and scale. Once happy with my design I will then begin to add textures to create more depth and interest. These can be scanned in paint marks, fabric, paper, photos or in fact anything. These scans are then manipulated in photoshop before they are layered on to the image using a variety of filters until I am happy with the finished piece.

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